“The Green Tree”

pomul-verdeThis is a truly old building; According to the old people, its foundation had been laid as early as 1670 and it was then a well-known tavern whose name had been chosen after its namesake in Braşov, which had already gained its fame. This story is very probable to be quite true, since the edifice stands along a commercial road of Braşov which crosses Cristian from one end to the other.
After 1918, “The Green Tree” is turned, for a period, into the Romanians’ house of culture. In this sense, a room at the first floor is arranged to hold approximately 150 people for various meetings or cultural-artistic events. After 1944, the building offered its spaces to bands of art amateurs; It also came to accommodate a library with an impressive supply of books.

Permanent exterior view

Photo cca. 1900